Withered Freddy is one of the protagonists in Fazbear and Friends. He is the original counterpart of Freddy Fazbear.


Like Freddy Fazbear, Withered Freddy shares most similar characteristics. He likes to be a leader to the family and usually takes over if Freddy Fazbear is unavailable to lead. He is well respected by many due to his charismatic, optimistic and mature behavior. He is the one that most members go to talk to if something is bothering them emotionally.

Withered Freddy does not lose his temper very quickly like Freddy Fazbear, but he will get angry if someone is being rude to him or if someone is bullying or mistreating people in the pizzeria. He will also get agitated if any member messes with the TV when he's watching it. Withered Freddy does not read the newspaper like Freddy Fazbear does and watches Television instead. His favorite channel being the sports channels, NBA, NFL, ESPN, etc. He like Circus Baby, loves clean and tidy areas.


  • Television
  • Sports Channels
  • Race Cars
  • Car Shows


  • Mistreatment of other members.
  • People challenging his authority.
  • The TV being meddled with.


  • Withered Freddy is written and managed by gothic angel.
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