Withered Foxy is one of the protagonist in Fazbear and Friends. He is the original and decommissioned counterpart of Foxy.


Withered Foxy is a friendly fox who likes all his friends. He has a passion for baguette, croissants, and other french cuisine. Usually he is in the background of most episodes consuming baguettes while drinking large amounts of his favorite drinks: Kir and Pastis.

Unfortunately, Withered Foxy has an unhealthy obsession with French Cuisine so much that he cooks it himself and forces it down people's throats. He will get mad at anybody who asks for ketchup on french fries, because he believes that it will cover up the taste. If nobody finishes the food he makes, he will resort to threatening them/ hurting them with silverware. He has psychotic tendencies when it comes to food and people wasting it. He will not let them leave the table until the food is finished.

He also has a huge dislike when people make fun of the french culture with stereotypes such as french people smelling, not working, or whenever someone makes fun of his accent. He is intimidated by a few members in the family such as Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie who question his sanity.


  • French food.
  • Kir
  • Pastis
  • People who love his food.


  • People not finishing his food.
  • People disrespecting the french culture
  • French Stereotypes
  • People who use ketchup on fries.


  • Withered Foxy is written and managed by Andriana Razafimahefa.
  • Withered Foxy is mostly resolved around Andriana's childhood as she grew up with parents who only spoke french to her. Andriana then had to learn English on her own so she used youtube as a platform to do so. She has learned english her whole life from Youtube.
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